Thank you for your inquiry into a recruitment video from Streamline Sports Video. I would also like to congratulate you in taking an interest in the college recruitment process. As I’m sure you may have experienced, it’s an exciting world that offers many opportunities for young athletes to succeed. Streamline Sports Video has been in business since 1997 offering high school students the best in recruitment videos and video services. Through recruitment videos, Streamline Sports Video’s goal is to help athletes gain the competitive edge in the race for college scholarships. Although we are not a professional recruiting service Streamline Sports Video utilizes proven techniques and high quality equipment to ensure that the videos will “sell” the athlete to potential recruiters. A recruitment video is only one part of the college scholarship game, but it is still a vital element. Shrinking recruitment budgets have forced many collegiate coaches to rely on videotape as the primary means for viewing prospective athletes’ skills and talents. “Send us some game tape,” is a phrase employed by many college coaches. Unfortunately, many high school athletes don’t realize that sending raw game footage to college coaches can be a detriment-not an asset. Collegiate coaches get hundreds of tapes every year; many of them poorly organized. These tapes quickly become discarded and as a result, the athlete has lost another opportunity to “show off” their talent. Streamline Sports Video cuts through the clutter and effectively highlights the prospective athletes’ skills to coaches. Enclosed you will find a packet to get yourself started in the process of having Streamline Sports Video create your recruitment video. Videotaping services are for the state of Colorado and the recruiting video services are for the USA. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 303-263-0649 or and I will be more than happy to help you.
Derek Tetlow,